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When Someone is Dining Visiting
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University Business Etiquette Dinner Tonight
Business Dining 101

Business Dinner Etiquette     
Dining is a Dance Look Polished

Casual and Fine Dining Etiquette
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Saying Thank You Part II  
Acknowledgment Reciprocity and Community Involvement

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University Etiquette Business Dining 

Rocking Your City Things to Do and See
When Someone is Dining Visiting
Downtown Austin or UT

Outclass the Competition
Graduate Business Etiquette Dinner Tonight 
Business Dining 101

An excellent opportunity to learn (or brush up on) business table manners, rules of etiquette used for business dining: dining stations and lines, rules for name badge placement, notes on handshaking, handling cocktail food, getting business cards, USA menu and order of courses, advanced formal place settings, rules for eating Continental style (and when to avoid this), how to eat steak with a place knife and fork, and rules on saying thank you, and reciprocity.

After a Business Etiquette Dinner students cannot pass a dining skills Eti-q-test; dining is a dance, look polished.  How you eat reflects on you. Take a lesson, see how you do.

Students come after getting slammed, you do not have to wait. Look as polished as you speak when you eat.   The first time you meet is not to be where you are learning to eat. 

Casual and Fine Dining Etiquette 
Look Better

Etiquette Guide Casual and Fine Dining Etiquette 101

Excellent opportunity to learn (or brush up on)  table manners: rules of etiquette used while eating, pre-steps, something to drink,  USA menu order for 1-3 courses, rules for setting a place setting for one, napkin rules, rules for bread and butter, using glasses at table, spoon rules, rest position,  rules for using cutlery, eating American style,  rules for using salt,  how to eat chicken bone in with a place knife and fork, and rules on fast food etiquette.

Because 1. Dining is a ritual at which more than eating is done. 2. As a rule, what you eat is up to you. How you eat is your present to the table, and the view you provide to those around you. The way a person eats reflects on that person and the company he or she represents. But above all that 3. When sitting at a table and sharing a meal with a friend it is wonderful to know what is being signaled and what to signal back. Dining is a dance. Look better. Eat like someone is watching. Practice can be done in casual shoes.

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University Etiquette Extending Hospitality 


The first part of Thank you is attendance and verbal acknowledgment. Someone had an event, you attended, and said, "Thank you."  This guide/class is about Saying Thank You Part II: written acknowledgment: sending  a personal card saying, Thank you (again,) and reciprocity: hosting an event to re-pay an act of  hospitality. 

Saying Thank You Professional and Graduate University Etiquette includes saying thank you by card, the cast for hospitality events, stations and lines, committees and responsibilities, type of events, levels of formality, social calendars, contact registers, invitations, and ways of keeping track. Its purpose is to help get a job done when someone is designated to be a host, hostess, or an executive host by desire, request, or by job description. It identifies options in a way that allows a person to teach, and have them demonstrated by most anyone.
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