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Graduate Business Etiquette Dinner Tonight
Professional and Graduate University Dining Etiquette 102 
University Dining Etiquette Club Austin Food Tours Almon University Etiquette Lessons 
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Job Interview Dining Etiquette
Look Better As You Eat

Casual Fare and
Fine Dining Etiquette 

Eat Like Someone Is Watching

Outclass the Competition

Professional & Graduate 
University Etiquette
Dining 101

Graduate Business Etiquette Dinner Tonight

Business Dinner Etiquette 
Get What Was Left

at the Table

 Outclass the Competition 

Resumes Writing Etiquette & Services
Advantages to List & 
Job Sales Kit Preparation 

Comprehensive Life Skills
Etiquette Guides At Ease Press
Harold Almon

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"Manners to Etiquette" 
     Outclass the Competition

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Graduate Business Etiquette Dinner Tonight

Professional & Graduate
University Dining Etiquette 102

Business Dinner Etiquette 
Get What Was Left at the Table 
Outclass the Competition

Excellent opportunity to learn (or brush up on) business table manners, rules of etiquette used for business dining: dining stations and lines, rules for name badge placement, notes on handshaking, handling cocktail food, getting business cards, USA menu order for 4-5 courses, rules for advanced formal place settings, rules for eating Continental Style, how to eat steak with a place knife and fork, rules for saying thank you, reciprocity, and more.    
After attending a Business Etiquette Dinner Students Cannot Pass a Dining Skills Etiq Q Test.  

Get What was Left at the Table

How You Eat Reflects on You
Take a Dining Eti Q Test See How You Do

Business Cards Two That You Should Have   A Card to Give in Kind  
A Handshake to Leave Behind

Business Card Errors to Know
A Better Business Card

Etiquette Designing and Using Business Cards

How to Command a Note by Hand
How to Say Thank You

Male Dress & Image 
Men's Business Dress Etiquette
Clothing and Accessories
Comprehensive Etiquette Class lessons on Shoes Shirts Tying Ties Business Suits and Men's Business Accessories 

Etiquete Guide Men's Business Dress
Things Someone Meant to Tell You About Men's Business Attire
Get a Better Look and Learn
Black Tie (Tuxedo) Etiquette

Master how to tie a business tie and buy and wear men's business suits & male business accessories. Successfully represent yourself and your organization and company

Men's Personal Grooming
and Etiquette  

Etiquette Guide Men's Personal Grooming

Comprehensive Etiquette Class
University Grooming Etiquette
Male Care Matters
Things Expected from the Male Half


Men's Etiquette Fitting in Work Image and Exposure Relationships & Men Surviving the Parent Company

Protocol lessons on Etiquette Organizing and a "Sense of Style"  so that professionals and university graduate students know the correct etiquette in both business and social situations and                              

Acquire soft skills keys to advance and be at ease.



Welcome, Be at Ease School of Etiquette will allow you to explore wonderful traditions, and enhance your performance.

Match manners to etiquette, meet and interact with people in a proper manner, gain acceptance with a new perspective, and acquire soft skills keys to advance, be at ease, and outclass the competition. 

Harold Almon

Etiquette Coach Director Career Services
and Life Skills Trainer 
Professionals & Graduate Students 

Manners are things you "know" to do.  Etiquette is the set of rules that go with them. 

"Manners to Etiquette" - 
Outclass the Competition

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40 Minute Lessons

         Daily              7:00 AM  or 11:00 AM

         Nightly          6:00 PM  or 7:00 PM 

         Weekends    9:00 AM  or 6:00 PM

Job Interview Dining Etiquette

Graduate Business Etiquette Dinner Tonight 

8 40 minute private lessons or semester course 8 weeks of Austin food tours Almon,  and university etiquette lessons Austin, plus limited on line and telephone consultations. Scheduled meals and gratuities included.

Business Dinner Etiquette Get What Was Left at the Table

Non-Student or On Demand University Etiquette Lessons available. 

Add to Cart  or Be at Ease School of Etiquette 

Business Cards Two That You Should Have
Business Card Errors to Know 

Male Dress & Image
Men's Business Dress Etiquette
Clothing & Accessories
Men's Personal Grooming
and Etiquette 

Men's Business Social Etiquette Fitting In 
Work Image & Exposure Relationships

Mid-Section Muscle Management 
Make Your Current Weight Look Great

Graduate Career Services Austin
Resume Writing Etiquette & Services

Giving Back Social and Business Hospitality Etiquette

Saying Thank You Part Two
Acknowledgment Reciprocity & Community Involvement

Cooking 101 Strategies
University Etiquette Nutrition and
Frugal Stylish Recipes
Cooking 102 Dine In Have that Dinner Party
Creative Correct Table Setting
Flawless Dining Service

Organization Identification Protocols

Organizing and Money Management
Budgeting and Bill Paying and
A Plan for Just in Case

Protocols & workshops on Etiquette Organizing and a "Sense of Style"
Other Austin Tours Almon and University Etiquette  Lessons
Eventbrite: Be at Ease School of Etiquette

or call Harold Almon  512-821-2699

This website, school, and press is primarily for professionals and graduate students  (sons and daughters) who know Ginny Bitner's rule on matter and energy: "If it does not matter, do not waste the energy," and who have decided that it matters.

Enjoy Enhanced
Acceptance &

For long term success, the secret is in the protocol process: how well you look, test, play, work, take class, eat, say thank you, dance, and give back. Protocol is etiquette, organizing, and a "Sense of Style." Protocol helps determine access, who you get to play with, how you fit in, and how you advance and meet new opportunities.

No longer can you afford to do that which comes naturally. It is more important to do that which is right. Develop skills for today in subject areas. The rules are easy to understand, simple to follow, and a cinch to master. You just have to know what they are. Make a powerful impression on everyone you meet. Build confidence. Exhibit grace (over power,) and display a sense of style.

Let etiquette put others at ease and allow you to be. It will allow you to train to enjoy positions, privileges, and perks. Perform at the highest level; be highly prized, and richly rewarded. Enjoy rising incomes, rapid acceptance, and efficient advancements.

Never again, fight doing that which is right. Keep up with changes. Allow yourself to pretend that, "It just does not matter." You can bring a whole new level to, "Acting naturally." We can help. Call today:


 Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin

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